Processing A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists

October 2, 2007


by Casey Reas and Ben Fry. Foreword by John Maeda
Chapters by: Alexander R. Galloway, Golan Levin, R. Luke DuBois, Simon Greenwold, Francis Li, Hernando Barragán
MIT Press

Disponible à MIT Press, AMAZON … Commentaires:

“This is an elegant and practical introduction to programming forartists and designers. It is rigorously grounded, informed by a vast
amount of practical experience, and visually compelling. The worked examples are terrific. There’s no better starting point for visual
artists who want to learn how to think computationally, or for programmers who want to give visual and spatial expression to their ideas.”
–William J. Mitchell, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT

“With Processing, Casey Reas and Ben Fry have opened up the world of programming to artists and designers in a manner that inspires
playfulness and creativity with code.”
–Red Burns, Chair and Arts Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

“Processing, the handbook and tutorial, is an indispensable companion to Processing, the integrated programming language and environment that has developed from phenomenon to revolution. Bridging the gap between programming and visual arts, the Processing handbook, in a concise way, connects software elements to principles of visual form, motion, and interaction. The book’s modular structure allows for different
combinations of its units and self-directed reading. Interviews with artists who create software-based works and extension chapters that
expand software practice into computer vision, sound, and electronics successfully connect the realms of art and technology. Now used by
artists, visual designers, and in educational institutions around the world, Processing has been groundbreaking not only as an alternative
language for expanding programming space, but as an attempt to nurture programming literacy in the broader context of art and cultural production.”
–Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of
American Art

“Processing is a milestone not only in the history of computer software,of information design, and of the visual arts, but also in social
history. Many have commented on the pragmatic impact of the open source movement, but it is time to also consider Processing’s sociological and psychological consequences. Processing invites people to tinker, and tinkering is the first step for any scientific and artistic creation.
After the tinkering, it leads designers to their idea of perfection. It enables complexity, yet it is approachable; it is rigorous, yet malleable. Its home page exudes the enthusiasm of so many designers andartists from all over the world, overflowing with ideas and proud o be able to share. Processing is a great gift to the world.”
–Paola Antonelli, Curator, Architecture and Design, MOMA

“This long-awaited book is more than just a software guide; it is a tool for unlocking a powerful new way of thinking, making, and acting. Not
since the Bauhaus have visual artists revisited technology in such a world-changing way. Ben Fry and Casey Reas have helped a growing
community of visual producers open up fresh veins of expression. Their work proves that code is open to designers, architects, musicians, and
animators, not just to engineers. Providing a powerful alternative to proprietary software, Processing is part of a new social phenomenon in
the arts that speaks to self-education and networked engagement.”
–Ellen Lupton, Director of the graphic design MFA program at Maryland
Institute College of Art, Baltimore, and Author of D.I.Y: Design It

“A whole generation of designers, artists, students, and professors have been influenced by Processing. Now, a handbook is published that goes
far beyond explaining how to handle the technology and boldly reveals the potential future for the electronic sketchbook.”
–Joachim Sauter, University of the Arts, Berlin, Founder, Art+Com

Info de H. Barragán Super bonito!!! Ça donne vraiment envie de travailler!!! Saludos! kataki


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