Tuttofuoco’s Future City

October 30, 2007

Future City
“But how can a building site be a work of art? Why is something undefined considered a finished work?
When we think of a building site, we never pause to consider its value in terms of energy, poetry or, to borrow an idea from the artist, “elegance”, nor do we even think about the concept of the building site itself, but often only of its function, as a thing that exists solely to give rise to something else.”
Future City, 2007, Tuttofuoco’s accessible and practicable building site, is a work that in its simplicity plays host to a variety of meanings and to an
evolving story. For the Enel Contemporanea project, the artist has created a new flow of energy, giving the symbolic Roman square a different sense of time and history. The work itself embodies the three temporal notions: past, present and future. With the inscription “Roma 17 ottobre 2007 Piazza del Popolo” placed like a border between past and future, the artist neatly defines the three different moments.

The work lives in the present, the day of the inauguration, when the work begins to interact in the public space, and from the very next day it will be already begin to relate to the past, making its gradual ageing explicit. It also carries with it the intrinsic idea of a future, being a site with the potential to become something else. The use of light and mirrors will enhance the aesthetic value and capacity to communicate inherent.

+infoS sur Patrick Tuttofuoco on www.enel.it

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